Rebel Rodz

RebelRodReviewThis DVD, the first of a planned series, is a must-have for anyone even remotely interested in the art of hot rodding or kustom kars. It gives you an intimate look at one of the few remaining pioneers of the sport and shows you what makes him tick. Gene makes no bones about the fact that if he were as good a business man as he is a metal fabricator, he'd be sitting a lot prettier, but that's also what makes him so endearing even to the youngest in the crowd: his love and raw passion for what he does.

Visit him on his "compound" in the Mojave Desert and accompany him to where it all started for him, in the shed in what used to be his parents' backyard in (Modesto), California—yes, it's still there—then go with him through time and history and experience what it means to be Gene Winfield, even as the 83-year old rockets across a dry lake bed at 200 miles an hour.