RodCustom WebKings of Kustoms is planned to be a series of 13 DVDs, and if the first, featuring Gene Winfield, is anything to go by, it should be a good series. Each episode will concentrate on one artist, pioneer, or whatever you want to call them, and we can't think of a better subject to kick it off.

Winfield talks the viewer through the various segments of his 65-year career, starting by revisiting his original shop, a chicken coop in Modesto, which amazingly is still standing! In the space of 90 minutes, we see him racing his T coupe, "The Thing", at El Mirage, get an inside view at his movie cars, including the Blade Runner vehicles and the DeLorean from Back To The Future, his fade paint technique, his time working for model car company AMT, and much more.

Legends carWhen it comes to GENE WINFIELD, well, he's one of my favourite subjects of all-time. I've known Gene for many years, and I never cease to be amazed at his drive, his stamina, and, his kindness to all he comes in contact with. This DVD is an excellent "primer" if you've never met Gene, and a very honest look at his career & lifestyle if you have.

For over 65 years Gene has worked at his craft - his artform - almost daily, and his body-of-work includes fantastic custom cars, hot rods, TV cars, Movie cars, Bonneville racers, and many other vehicles that have received publicity & magazine features WorldWide. Plus, his trademarked "Blended/Fadeaway" paint jobs are sought after by custom car builders around the World.

Spending time with Gene is an adventure in and of itself! He is almost in constant motion, almost never sits down, and, has the constitution of a man half his age. His memories of the builds he has done, the stories that he recalls from the "early days", and the people that he's met during the course of his career, add to Gene's legend. You'll find all of those topics and many, many more in this remarkable DVD.

It showcases not only Gene, but many of his fellow pioneers & friends: George Barris, Steve Stanford, Spence Murray, Sid Mead, Junior Conway, Alex Gambino, some of his old Hot Rod Buddies, and many others.

The way the DVD is edited and put together, the music used, and the quality of the video equipment used is superb! Every section showcases a part of Gene's life, his shop, his first shop, his running at Bonneville, et al. And, Gene's interview portions are spot-on, honest, and, just as if you were spending time with him...which I have, and he's that way in "real" life, just like he is in "reel" life!

If you're looking for a "keeper" DVD about one of the Rod & Custom Industries longest-running, legendary Pro's, then you must add "Kings Of Kustoms DVD #1: Gene Winfield" to your collection. I have a better idea: buy TWO ! One for yourself and one for your favourite Crusin' Buddy...he will be forever in your debt!!

[To hear Gene's story about his favourite cars just click-on here, listen, and, enjoy!]

KustomsIllustratedReview webKings of Kustoms is an in-depth look at the art, history, and wild culture of customizing cars. Each episode will concentrate on one artist, genius, and pioneer in this glamorous, greasy world of custom cars and four-wheeled movie stars.

The first episode, of a planned 13 in the series, features the "king" of the Kings of Kustoms: Gene Winfield. The program begins with Gene reminiscing with the "Century Toppers," a group of guys who were at the forefront of the nascent car customizing craze in the 1940s and 50s, and moves on to Gene's Hollywood cars (including "Blade Runner" and "Back to the Future"), the Winfield fade paint technique, and great interviews with the king sharing his customizing philosophy. Plus, there's a special feature with Gene strapping into his own custom race car dubbed "The Thing" at El Mirage last summer to attempt another world Land Speed Record ... at age 83. The video is beautifully shot in 35mm HD digital with an original sound track by The Deadlies. Watch for future episodes featuring George Barris, Darryl Starbird, Alex Gambino, and more!

RebelRodReviewThis DVD, the first of a planned series, is a must-have for anyone even remotely interested in the art of hot rodding or kustom kars. It gives you an intimate look at one of the few remaining pioneers of the sport and shows you what makes him tick. Gene makes no bones about the fact that if he were as good a business man as he is a metal fabricator, he'd be sitting a lot prettier, but that's also what makes him so endearing even to the youngest in the crowd: his love and raw passion for what he does.

Visit him on his "compound" in the Mojave Desert and accompany him to where it all started for him, in the shed in what used to be his parents' backyard in (Modesto), California—yes, it's still there—then go with him through time and history and experience what it means to be Gene Winfield, even as the 83-year old rockets across a dry lake bed at 200 miles an hour.